Management of Innovation and Technology for Collabolative Faming in the Eastern Region


  • Pumares Chansawang
  • Banpot Wiroonrath


Technological innovation, Value-added, Collabolative faming


The purpose of this research is to study and analyze the impact, including steps in managing innovation and technology for large-scale rubber plantation farmers in the eastern region. This research is integrated research, which done by collecting qualitative data on eastern rubber plantation, agriculture entrepreneurs, and scholars. The data obtained is used for content analysis. The quantitative data is collected from the sample of are 400 rubber farmers. The results of the research showed that. The Innovative and technological factors affect the value-added of large-sized rubber farmers in the eastern region at the significant level of 0.05. In terms of production and decision-making processes, resulting in lower production costs.The Social system and technical design help improving farmers' skills and techniques that result in value-added. The group and team behavior result in behavior adjustment in the workplace. The manager experience and organizational history affect motivation when seeing people using technology innovation. The decision process results in problems solving on the use of technology. The technical management science resulting in a step-by-step learning process for skills, techniques, and methods. The financial system results in investment support regarding the allocation of investments. The technology innovation engineering activities result in the satisfaction assessment of farmers before and after participating in the project.


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