Peace Capacity Building and Sustainability of People living by Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

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Thanavadee Boonlue, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D


As an education provider, it is our mission to create wisdom in the learning of students. Never before is there need to instill wisdom in people, as we are facing the intensity of globalization and borderless world. These happenings lead us to live with Diversity and the global civilization.

One well-known teaching in Thailand is sufficiency economy philosophy based on the foundation of knowledge and integrity. The strategy can be formulated on sufficiency with reason and carefulness. The concept would lead to sustainability of people living. Sufficiency Economy philosophy is Thailand’s national agenda being included in curriculum at all educational levels and applied by farmers corporation, and entrepreneurs throughout the country. The United Nations prioritizes this philosophy at the center of its agenda. It’s worth to share this philosophy with member universities worldwide by the following objectives.

  1. Analyzing how the SEP transformable into wisdom toward peace

  2. Finding out whether there is a teaching of economic sufficiency in the curriculum.

  3. Building opportunity to produce online media for SEP learning.


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