The Effect of Personal Development to Accounting Practice Performance of Accountants in the Northern Industrial

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Kanpitcha Peasai
Jaturapat Wongsirisathaporn
Priyanuch Panya


The aim of this study was to the effect of personal development to practice accounting performance of accountants in the northern industry of Thailand. The tools were questionnaires used for collecting data from the sample group. (Accountant managers in the northern industry were 114 samples) and analyzed the information, including the average, Standard deviation, correlation analysis and multiple linear regression The results found that accountants in the northern industry have their opinions on personal accounting development, related to technical specification knowledge and professional skills of accountants. There are relationship and effect of the positive impact of industry, business must encourage personal development of accountants and to be reliability in financial report of business. Moreover, to bring benefits for financial report user and accounting practical performance.


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Peasai, K. ., Wongsirisathaporn, J. . ., & Panya, P. . . (2020). The Effect of Personal Development to Accounting Practice Performance of Accountants in the Northern Industrial. Journal of Management Science Chiangrai Rajabhat University, 15(1), 89–113. Retrieved from
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Kanpitcha Peasai, นักศึกษา

*M.Acc. (Accounting), School of Accounting, Lampang Rajabhat University (2019).

Jaturapat Wongsirisathaporn

**Ph.D. (Business Administration), Naresuan University School of Management (2012). Currently a Assistant Professor in Accounting,  Lampang Rajabhat University.

Priyanuch Panya

***Ph.D. (Business Administration), Naresuan University School of Management (2013). Currently a Lecturer in Accounting Faculty of Management Science, Lampang Rajabhat University.


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