Developing Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Provinces of Thailand by Using Tourism Logistics Strategy and Management

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Taweesak Theppitak


At present, the tourism industry is of great importance, especially in the eastern region. However, the increasing number of tourists in the eastern region may create problems with the sufficiency of utilities and facilities. The purpose of this study is to study tourism travel patterns in order to plan and formulate transport and logistics strategies to support Eastern tourism growth and expansion. Including studying the factors influencing the strategic planning for the sustainable development of tourism in the Eastern region. Data were collected from secondary sources and from primary sources, surveyed using 1,029 questionnaires and 66 in-depth interviews. The results of the survey showed that the development of the tourism logistics system was positively correlated with the return and tourist satisfaction rates. It was found that most of the tourists visiting the eastern region were impressed by the natural beauty. The satisfaction level in each area was higher than the average. (Normal mean = 3.0) which consists of In terms of accommodation (such as hotels, resorts, bungalows), standards and number of tourist attractions Transportation and logistics Utilities However, from the GAP Model analysis, there are many activities that need to be developed to raise the standard of tourism in the area. The results of the study also reflect the inefficiency of the tourism logistics system in the eastern provinces, which must be planned and developed for the logistics system and facilities. This study provides recommendations for improving logistics activities to raise the standard of sustainable tourism.


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Taweesak Theppitak, มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา

D.B.A. (Business Administration) University of South Australia, (2004). Currently an Associate Professor and

Deputy Dean for Research and Academic Services at Faculty of Logistics, Burapha University.


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