1. The proposed article for publication must not have been published and is not in the process of pending publication in any journal or printed matter.
  2. The original draft of the proposed article can be written in Thai or English, and the abstract of the article must be submitted in both Thai and English.
  3. The length of the original draft of the article should not exceed 30 pages of A5 size using Microsoft Word (Template https://www.ubu.ac.th/web/files_up/00102f2020032709521936.docx)).
  4. The proposed article should be formatted using THsarabun PSK font type, size 14 Point.
  5. The important components of the article are as follows:

          5.1 Title of the article in both Thai and English

5.2 Abstract of the article written in both Thai and English and no more than 15 lines in length combined

5.3 No more than six keywords (both written in Thai and English)

5.4 Author’s name should be written both in Thai and English, including the position (e.g., teacher, student), and organization (e.g., Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University)

  1. The proposed article that is written in English, including the English abstract, must be reviewed by language experts before submitting it to the editors.
  2. References cited in the article must be based on the standard system as shown in the link: (https://www.ubu.ac.th/web/flies_up/00102f2020032709521921.pdf).
  3. When submitting an article, indicate the author's name and surname, position and affiliation, phone number, and email addresses.
  4. The author is requested to pay Article Processing Charge of 3,000 Thai Baht (non-refundable) for each accepted article after the initial review by the chief editor.
  5. The articles submitted for publication will be reviewed at least by two experts. If the experts’ opinions are not in agreement, the opinion of the journal editor will be final.
  6. In case the proposed article is not selected for publication,  the author will be notified by the editor, but the original draft of the proposed article will not be returned.
  7. In case there are images or diagrams in the proposed article, attach separate copies of files to the article. The files should be submitted in JPG file format and their sizes should be between 500kb-1500kb.