Application Development of "Oui Soan Lan" to Learn and Inherit the Wisdom of the Community




Application, Oui Soan Lan, Learn and inherit, Community wisdom


Purpose: This study aimed to enhance community wisdom in order to develop an application and transfer knowledge.

Methodology: The methodology consists of content analysis and categorization, application development, evaluation by experts and users, and knowledge transfer.

Findings: The results of the study showed that community wisdom consists of foot massages and rafting. Knowledge is used to design cartoon characters and logos to develop bilingual infographics in both Thai and English. Moreover, it is used to prepare books and e-books about Nong Noi Soan Nuad and Captain Noi Long Kaeng. The content is used to develop a hybrid application using the Ionic Framework. The developed allocation is beneficial for self-learning on both online and offline platforms. The results from the test and application quality in terms of utilization and suitability showed the rating level was very high, while possibility and correction were high.  

Application of the study: It can be used as a tool for self-learning to inherit wisdom efficiently. Academic agencies can use it as a form of learning media.


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Author Biography

Khontaros Chaiyasut, Research and Development Institute, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand.

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