Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation

1) Proposed articles for publication should not exceed 15 A4 paper pages and must be “TH Sarabun New” font of 16-point type.

2) Margin must be 1 inch (on all sides equally).

3) Page number must be put at the top right position from the beginning to the end of article.

4) Article title must be 18-point type, bolded and centered.

5) Author(s) designate the name and surname of the author(s), both Thai and English, without titles, qualifications, or posts. The article must designate the correspondent e-mail of the author(s).
Information on the author’s workplace and contact address in Thai and English, which must include in Footnote.

6) Author must verify manuscript authenticity, such as format, spelling, punctuation and language usage.

Article Components

Academic Article and Review Articles

1) Title: Title must be both in Thai and English. Thai title comes first and follows with English one in the next line.

2) Abstract: It must summarize the article content clearly. Both Thai and English abstracts are required. The first abstract must be written in Thai with 1-paragraph length (not exceed 250 words).

3) Keyword: It identifies the content keywords suitable for using as keywords on the database.

4) Introduction: It provides introduction and lay background for readers to know the basic information of content and motivate them to be interested in that.

5) Text Body: It is the main part of the article content. Content sequences should be planned the presenting structure content to fit the content nature. Content should be presented continuously to help readers understand the content easily.

6) Conclusion: It summarizes the whole article content clearly and concisely. It is placed below the content presented by identifying advantages and disadvantages.

7) Reference: Reference must be written in the APA format (American Psychological Association).


Research Articles

Research article should present research results systematically. It should have components as follows.

1) Title: The title must be both in Thai and English. That title comes first and follows with English one in the next line.

2) Abstract: Both Thai and English abstracts are required consists of the Purpose of the study, Methodology, Main findings, and Applications of this study.

3) Keyword: Identify the keywords of content that are suitable for use as keywords on the database.

4) Introduction: It is a description of background, problem significance, and reasons leading to research with supportive or controversial academic information.

5) Research Objectives: Identify the objectives and goals of the research.

6) Research Methodology: Research Methodology describes the process of conducting the research thoroughly and clearly.

7) Research results: Result presentation must be relevant to research procedure results. Number of tables or charts used should not exceed 5 tables or charts with meaningful interpretation and clear finding analysis.

8) Conclusion and Discussion: Research results must be integrated, compared and interpreted in accordance with theories, concepts and researches related. In addition, research findings must be liked with research problems accordingly.

9) Acknowledgment (if any)

10) Reference: It must be written in the APA format (American Psychological Association).



References are written in the APA (American Psychological Association) format, with references in English in the whole article.

For citations, the writer should indicate the name of the author, year in parentheses following the reference in the text. If the name of the author is part of the text, the writer needs only parenthesize the year of publication and page following the author's name.


Format: Author. (Year of publication). Book title. Place of publication: Publisher.


Srikantaiah, T.K., & Koenig, MED., Eds. (2000). Knowledge management for the information professional. Medford NJ. : American Society for the Information Science.

Lorsuwannarat, T. (2006). Learning organization: From the concepts to practices. (In Thai). 3d ed. Bangkok: Ratanatri.

Articles in the Journal

Format: Author. (Year of publication). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), Page numbers.


Bartol, K.M., & Srivastava, A. (2002). Encouraging knowledge sharing: The role of organizational reward systems. Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies, 9(1), 64-76


Format: Author. (Year of publication). Title. Retrieved……., from URL Address


Rochester, M.K., & Vakkari, P. (2003). International library and information science research: A comparison of national trends. IFLA Professional Reports, No. 82. Retrieved 22 August 2001, from 82-e.pdf

Dissertation or Thesis

Format: Author. (Year of publication). Title of dissertation or thesis. Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis, University.


Hoaihongthong, S. (2019). Metadata requirement development for mural painting. (In Thai). Master thesis in Information Science, Graduate School, Khon Kaen University.

Conference Papers

Format: Author. (Year of publication). Title of article. Title of conference and seminar proceedings. (Pages.). Place of publication: Publisher.                           


Hanghøj, T., et al. (2014). Redesigning and reframing educational scenarios for Minecraft within mother tongue education. Proceedings of The European Conference on Games Based Learning. (182-190). New York: Curran Associates.


Documents in Non-English Language

Example of Reference


Vongprasert, C. (2005). Kan chatkan sarasonthet bueangton. (In Thai). Bangkok: Expernet Co.,LTD.

Articles in the Journal

Prakophon, A. (1983). Sathan borikan ekkachon kap kan songsoem kan an. (In Thai). Bannaraksat Mokho, 1(3), 1-5.