Consumer Demands as Guidelines for Career Enhancement and Value-added Products from Waste Vinyl of Communities in Pathum Thani Province

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The research employed a mixed method both of qualitative and quantitative, the objective is to study consumer demands as guidelines for career enhancement and value-added products from waste vinyl of communities in Pathum Thani province. The product development and value-added from waste vinyl that could resolve community problems correlating with the recent urges and demands in waste management. The results on community context found that subunits under shelters for helpless males has been hosting the career enhancement events and occupational therapies for communities. According to the study from 400 samples, the average mean of awareness regarding the effects of waste on people’s livelihood and reusable parts is = 4.45 on a high scale. The awareness on waste management is = 4.37 while the knowledge on products made of waste is = 3.99 and community engagement on waste management is = 3.86. Furthermore, the consideration and attention on bags made of waste vinyl encourage the product development to have more variety with the needs from eco-friendly customers which help reduce community waste by home economic careers. This would contribute to the society in terms of careers and incomes.


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