Organizational Commitment Development Model in Semiconductor Industry


  • Supakorn Pornherunkul Doctoral Business Administration Student, Department of Industrial Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
  • Thanakit Vongmahasetha Doctor, Department of Business Administration, Bangkok University


Organizational Commitment, Semiconductor Industry


The purposes of this study were to find out the organizational commitment of supervisors in Semiconductor industries, the factors affecting on organizational commitment of supervisors. Four factors comprising job characteristic, job satisfaction, leadership and organizational commitment were selected for attention and introduce the organizational commitment development model.

The findings were that the organizational commitment level of the supervisors’ organization in every group classified by demographic factor was average. The main factors relating to the organizational commitment found at high statistical significance and positive relationship were job satisfaction and leadership factors. The job characteristic factor showed no statistical significance relationship. The high predictor factors affecting the organizational commitment of supervisors’ organization as whole were; job satisfaction factor and leadership factor especially job satisfaction factor was the main contribution of organizational commitment. The best predictive variables among those 13 variables arranged in consecutive order were the supervision, compensation, position power and autonomy. A six steps of organizational commitment development model comprised definition of opportunity, analysis and identification of cause, setting job commitment action, implementation, confirmation and standardization.  




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