Factors Influencing the Mental Health of Industrial Workers in Rayong Province


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Influential factors, Mental health, Industrial workers


Rayong Province is a province that has developed to become the new industrial center of the country. Causing a large number of workers to have to adjust to technology and work competition, as well as accepting many pressures that cause stress to become mental health problems that spread to cause suicide. Problems from the suicide of labor users cause damage to society and create an impact on driving businesses that are in the economic system of Rayong and the country. Therefore, the researchers are interested in studying the factors that influence mental health of industrial workers in Rayong province. The results of the study will be used as a guideline to prevent the problems of mental health among industrial workers in Rayong province. In order not to affect the industrial development and the economic system of the country.
The researcher has determined research problems. And collect documents Important theory And related research, then began to conduct research For the sample group used in this study is 400 workers in the industrial factory in Rayong province conducted a study using 400 questionnaires as survey tools. The statistics used were percentage, mean, standard deviation, chi-square, t-test, one way Anova and binary difference was analyzed by Scheffe Analysis.
The study indicated that Status, age, educational level and job position found that all factors had different effects on mental health of workers, But gender status showed that the relationship factors And the success factors for progress in work have no influence on workers, As for marital status It was found that success and progress in work had a significant influence on the mental health of workers, And the status of work experience, found that the working relationship factors had a significant influence on the mental health of workers.




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