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Naritsara Srisupon
Kritsana Kongphakhao
Chakkrit Fungklin


The objectives of creative folk dance named “Sorn Sin Sieng Hug” were to study the concept of creating creative folk dances from the inspiration of Lan Chang literature “Phra Lak- Phra Lam” (or Lakshmana and Rama in Ramayana) following the pattern of Isan literary style in “Phra Lam Yok Sorn” episode and to create a collection of creative folk dance ‘’Sorn Sin Sieng Hug” by using 15 performers which were 8 females and 7 males. There were 103 postures and; line of troops, sig sag, diagonal, column, sectional, circular, V shape and inverted V shape rows, diamond-shape quadrangle rows. It moved in 4 directions according to the stage layout. The dress was designed based on “Hoop Tam” or Isaan mural painting. Isaan folk musical band or “Pong Lang” was used for this performance which bombinating with Lao music instrument called Ra-nad (xylophone) and Lao accent vocals which were “Khup Naga Sa- doong” and “Khup Toom Luang Prabang” melody.

The performance was divided into 3 parts as follows;

Part 1 An introduction of the episode of “Phra Lam Yok Sorn” which telling a story of whoever can lift up a bow will be able to marry Sita (the launch for Sita).

Part 2 Phra Lak and Phra Ram had arrived, then Phra Lam lifted the bow meanwhile the raging sky shook the whole world.

Part 3 “Sa-yum-phon” is a love scene part between Sita and Phra Lam.

The creator team of this show had created of “Sorn Sin Sieng Hug” performance’s identity in order to create a new matter and valuable performing arts for the audience in the future.


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