The Jakhay’s brass wire playing style

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รชต คีตโชติบัณฑิต



Jakhay is a type of Thai musical instrument. It is made from jackfruit wood and dug into hollows to make a resonating sound. It consists of major strings and secondary strings, which uses nylon line of different sizes, and the brass wire. It is used to play horizontally on the ground. There are high, mid, and low tones, classified as the leading instruments of Thai orchestras, and it is also used to play in a stringed band, orchestra instead of Krachappi because it can make louder noise and it is more convenient to play solo. This academic article aims to show the variety of Jakhay strings playing. It is found that using the strum of the wire is more resonant than the major strings and secondary line, so there is no need to long flick the wire to make a long sound. It can be modulated by strumming from 2 sounds making the melody sweeter. The style of playing the wires of the Jakhay is an important identity, so it  can be performed a variety of styles in orchestra and solo causing a strong rhythm which can be used to play the parody melody, fulfill melody and various melodic poems. The skill of playing Jakhay’s brass wire depends on the rhythm, melody and suitability according to the circumstances of the musical performances. The accumulation of experience of the players will make the style of playing the Jakhay’s brass wire more outstanding.

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