Thai Choregraphy: Girls Perform Northeastern Singing and Dancing Style

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นริศรา ศรีสุพล


 The purposes of this study were 1) to explore ideas on the choreography: “Leela Sao Isan Lamplern” and 2) to innovate Isan folk dance choreography: “Leela Sao Isan Lamplern”. The data collections of the study were from academic documents, relevant textbooks, and an interview from Mrs. Chaweewan Damneon, the national artist keen on Morlam Plern (Folklore group). The collected data were then analyzed to innovate choreography and convey to the performing arts students, the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Udon Thani Rajabhat University. Thai dancing choreography: Leela Sao Isan Lamplern is a dance performing composed melody with rhythm. The dancing consists of a melody and choreography of the lyrics and design melody to match Lamplern style. The dancing processes were divided into two periods: the first period was an introductory dance with slow rhythm. The second period was dancing along the lyrics with fast rhythm. For the choreography, the first period was delicate and compatible with the lyrics and slow-paced rhythm. For the second period, the choreography was related to the lyrics and fast-paced rhythm. In addition, row variations were of Pakpanang or V-shaped row, oblique row, cross row, and grouping. The performers dressed in Lam Plern folklore costumes while the choreography consisted of fifty-one postures with six performers.


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