Siewsawad : The Interpretation on Philosophical Dhamma

เสียวสวาด : การตีความเชิงปรัชญาธรรม


  • Sowit Bamrungphak Mahamakut Buddhist University, Roi-Et Campus, Thailand


Siewsawad;, Interpretation;, Philosophical Dhamma


The purpose of this academic article is to seek the philosophical essence by means of interpreting the Isan literary story "Siewsawad". It was found that Siewsawad was in the Lan Xang language, refers to the philosopher as a literary masterpiece, a Jataka tale, has a beautiful expression, has a Bodhisattva concept, contains philosophical contents. It believes that wisdom is better than wealth, focuses on using intelligence to solve problems. There is using religious and philosophical theories as tools for interpretation until gaining knowledge that is philosophical Dhamma 3 issues: 1) not being careless in keeping secrets, should not associate with woman who has 3 husbands, man who was ordained 3 times (three churches),  2) believe in karma and the results of karma that everyone cannot be escaped, and 3) can be compared to show the behavior of human beings without precepts. As a result, Buddhism prescribes the 5 precepts and the 8 precepts as the principle of self-purification practice.


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