Effects of service quality on customer satisfaction of the import-export agents in the central region of Thailand

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Chattharn Limoubpratum
Nuthatai Ounok
Marisa Thespluem


The aim of the present research was to study (1) service quality of import-export agents in the central region of Thailand, (2) customer satisfaction with the service offered by the import-export agents in the central region of Thailand, and (3) the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction with the service offered by the import-export agents in the central region of Thailand. Questionnaire was used as the data collection tool and the research sample comprised of 400 individuals. The results show that the import-export agents in the central region of Thailand offer the highest level of service quality, eliciting high customer satisfaction. The study findings further reveal that tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, and assurance are the key service aspects that positively affect customer satisfaction at the statistical significance level of 0.01.


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