“Local Charges” Relating to export of product by sea: a case of Thai export

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Sunuttavee Noisopha
Worrapon Wangkananoni


International trade in Thailand in 2016 with an exports value of over 8.1 trillion baht, the highest in 25 years. International trade is an important mechanism that drives the country's economy, but the high cost of local charges before exporting products is still a major obstacle for Thai exporters to disadvantages to their competitors. "Local Charges" charged by carriers freight forwarder and ports operators, Currently, it has Charged more than 14 items which do not include the delays or unappropriated operation. The local charges export of rice by container is about 3.49 percent of export price. The Exporters in developing countries for example, Africa and Asian countries experienced higher local charges costs than developed countries. For Thailand, the Local Charges have not yet been scrutinized and control to establish standard or policy, and there is no organization responsible.  Therefore, Thai exporters are unable to compete in the world market. The development include improving logistics systems. It is very important that both exporters and relevant agencies, both the public and private sectors, have to work together to control and enhance efficiency of various factors that impacting on the local charges and the logistics for exporting the products by sea.


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