About the Journal

Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish original articles, review articles, and book reviews within the multidisciplinary fields of humanities and social sciences. JMSS serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to disseminate their research findings and insights, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. The journal welcomes contributions from diverse disciplines, including educational sciences, tourism and hospitality, management sciences, as well as other related fields such as linguistics, demographics, social and cultural studies, political sciences, law, communication arts, and economics.

Topics of interest for JMSS include, but are not limited to:

Education: Research examining educational policies, practices, innovations, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, educational technology, educational psychology, and educational outcomes.

Tourism and Hospitality: Studies focusing on tourism management, destination marketing, hospitality operations, tourist behavior, sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, gastronomy tourism, event management, airline management, and hotel management.

Management: Research exploring business management, supply chain management, organizational behavior, leadership, human resource management, strategic management, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Other related fields: Contributions related to linguistics, demographics, social and cultural studies, political sciences, law, communication arts, and economics are also encouraged.

Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences
Journal Abbreviation: JMSS
Online ISSN: 2673-0235
Start Year: 2004
Language: English (since Vol. 15 No. 1, 2019)


Panarat Srisaeng

Change of journal title in 2019

Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) was first published in 2004 under the name of SDU Research Journal Humanities and Social Sciences and continued for 14 years started from 2004 – 2018 (ISSN-print as 1905-2847 and ISSN-online as 2408-1582). In 2019, the journal modified the aim and scope for clarification and changed the name to Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences with the new International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2672-9806 (Print) ISSN 2673-0235 (Online) and in 2016 (Vol.16), the journal published only in online version.

Change of submission platform

Our Journal will change the submission platform from ScholarOne to the new submission platform Thai ES: Thai Editorial System on 10 May 2023. However, the manuscripts that are currently being reviewed by our team will be used ScholarOne through the end of December 2023.

Statement of Publication Malpractice

         Any publication malpractices are not acceptable for Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences as we prioritize the integrity and ethical standard above anything.  The following principles are included in Statement of Publication Malpractice:

      1. Plagiarism

                               Any plagiarism will not be tolerated. This includes any attempts to misuse others’ work. We take plagiarism seriously. Therefore, the manuscript will be immediately rejected once any plagiarisms are detected.

      2. Fabrication and Falsification

                              The data presented in the manuscript must be accurate and reliable. Author(s) must ensure that there is no fabrication or falsification of results and data. Manipulation or misrepresentation is also considered as misconduct.

      3. Multiple Submission

                              Multiple submission is considered unethical. Therefore, JMSS does not consider or publish manuscript that is in process of other journals in any case.

      4. Authorship Disputes

                              Author should be aware that authorship should be based on the contribution made to the work and should be stated accurately.  Authorship disputes of any kind should be resolved before submission.

      5. Peer Review Integrity

                              JMSS ensure that peer review process will be done with transparency and fairness. We avoid any types of manipulation by adopting double blind review.

      6. Retraction and Corrections

                              Appropriate action will be taken promptly if significant errors or misconduct are found in published article. The rectification will be made with transparency following the established guidelines.

      7. Report of Misconduct

                              Authors, reviewers and readers are free to report any concerns regarding ethical violation, misconduct encountered publication process. We ensure that report will be handle professionally and necessary actions will be taken. 

                 JMSS will continue to ensure the integrity and transparency of publication process. We strongly believe that by not tolerate any kind of publication malpractice, we are helping the research community to be a safe place for sharing new found body of knowledge in every valuable field.