A Compass to Fulfillment The Most Important Issue for Humankind


  • Jaruwan Ployduangrat




Speaking of speech was written by David HarringtonThis “ultimate life philosophy” transcends the realm of corporate management to offer guidance to all readers seeking their way through this dark age of chaos. "Kazuo Inamori", a man regarded as "The god of management in Japan". is the founder of two big companies such as Kyocera and KDDI. He was invited by the Japanese government to help in the crisis of Japan Airlines, that was going through a bankruptcy and had debts of over two trillion yen. Mr. Inamori helped Japan Airlines to come back prominently in just two years, despite never having any experience in airline business management before. How did he do all this? What is the way of thinking behind the great success? Why do you think his work was effective? In an age when everything seems to be rushing this book will reveal all Inamori's ways of thinking. You will find guidelines for working, management principles, as well as life and business lessons. With over 60 years of his life experience, he has become the person he is today!




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