Vocational Teacher Desired Characteristics


  • Parinya Meesuk Faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi


Desired Characteristics, Vocational Teacher, Exploratory Factor Analysis


This article presents results of survey research which aimed to investigate of desired characteristics of vocational teachers, and analyze the factors of desired characteristics of vocational teachers. The 240 samples, collected using stratified random sampling, comprise of Faculty of Technical Education Teachers, 5th year undergraduate students of Faculty of Technical Education, and in-service vocational teacher. The research instrument used for collecting data was a 80-item Likert’s six-point scale questionnaire. Research instrument reliability, analyzed by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, was between 0.637-0.968.
The research findings reveal desired characteristics of vocational teachers consisting of 12 factors namely, 1) ‘possess the spirituality of teacher spiritual’ consisting of 20 indicators, 2) ‘organize the quality learning activities’ consisting of 13 indicators, 3) ‘co-operate with other organizations’ consisting of 6 indicators, 4) ‘construct new academic knowledge’ consisting of 4 indicators, 5) ‘work safety’ consisting of 4 indicators, 6) ‘master in multi-context’ consisting of 4 indicators, 7) ‘create good learning atmosphere’ consisting of 4 indicators, 8) ‘arrange suitable environment’ consisting of 3 indicators, 9) ‘realize changes in the world’ consisting of 5 indicators, 10) ‘work with full competency’ consisting of 4 indicators, 11) ‘keep pace with new information’ consisting of 3 indicators, and 12) ‘understand the learners in all aspects’ consisting of 3 indicators. All factors mutually describe vocational teachers’ desired characteristics at 64.131%.


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