Montessori for Early Childhood Development


  • Cheerapan Bhulpat Faculty of Education Suan Dusit University


Early Childhood Education, Montessori Method, The Implementation in Early Childhood Program


In Thailand, early childhood education for children was guided by variety of philosophies, theories and approaches. Educators considered the ages from birth to six crucial due to the optimal brain growth. This critical period is the prime time for basic skills development. Montessori Method, initiated by Dr. Maria Montessori, is one approach that is proved effective to be used. Dr. Montessori developed this approach by using the scientific method through observation of the young children’s behaviors while working with educational materials. Her teaching and learning method was orderly designed based on her beliefs then forming the principles, objectives, curriculum structure, teaching method, classroom management and assessment. The principles of the Montessori Method have been shown to be globally applicable and to be continued in many different countries. Two cases of the appropriate way to implement the Montessori Method for the early childhood program were proposed in this paper.


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