Way to Create added Value through the Process of Art, Abstract Painting Case Study of Phakhaoma


  • Wipoosana Supanakorn Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Home Economics, Kasetsart University , Thailand
  • Korakot Phaetlakfa Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Home Economics, Kasetsart University, Thailand


Added value, Abstract painting, Phakhaoma


This research "objective was to determine the added value and impact of combining abstract painting to creating a Thai Phakhaoma. In this project an artist collaborated with a craftsperson to explore the interrelationship between fine arts and the materials, technique and process of Phakhaoma craftsmanship, with the aim of producing 14 finished cloths. This collection will be the basis of analyzing the impact, result and potential future possibilities they present.
The Mixed Methods was applied in this research which is a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The sample 400 respondents living in Bangkok, aged between 26-60 years old were selected for the quantitative research with the independent t-test and One-way ANOVA to test the relationship of each variable from the research conceptual framework. The statistical significance was set at 0.05 and the population in this qualitative research was 7 artists and designers, 6 producers and entrepreneurs and 3 university students. The data was analyzed by the content analysis, systematic analysis and thematic analysis and was a one-year data collection.
According to the results of this project, Phakhaoma has a distinctive unique appearance in terms of its beautiful colors and modernity that leads to the value-added of beauty, modernity, price and opportunities for further development to create the value-added for the manufacturers and entrepreneurs. As well as offering opportunities to expand the market to become widely well known in the community and in the country including the ability to expand into the international market in the future. The researcher postulates that the artistic doctrine and the theoretical bodies of knowledge brought by the artist will contribute greatly to the design and manufacturing of Phakhaoma by the craftsperson. The researcher was able to show that after weaving, the fabric looked different in style and color pairs that can be used in the production of other products made from Phakhaoma. The scope of the addition of fine arts to Phakhaoma can also include all other styles of art, not just Abstract Art. Each will have an innovative and unique result.


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