Digital Business Transformation : Digital Culture Before Technology


  • Pornchanit Kaew-nate Faculty of Management Science, Suan Dusit University, Thailand


Digital organization, Digital business transformation, Digital culture


This article is a study to highlight that digital transformation is something that businesses cannot avoid. However, the transition is not just about adopting the technology. The organizational leaders must also understand that the condition for transitional success is a harmonious change of people, systems, and contexts. This academic paper studies three issues: 1) Concept of Digital Thailand 2) Concept of Digital transformation 3) Promotion of personnel in organizations to have skills and digital culture. The study shows that digital transformation can be successful if important aspects are implemented. The principle aspects are the self-review of the organization from the vision, strategy, operational processes and value delivered to the customer as well as determining where the organization is in the digital age industry to see why there are operational delays and, most importantly, to see the qualifications of organizational leaders who need to understand digital transformation. All of this is the corporate culture in the digital transformation era, not just buying or importing technology into the organization without considering other elements. However, the definition of the word “Digital culture” is also diverse. In this academic article, it is used to define the meaning of “Digital culture” which refers to a modern corporate culture that focuses on changing the work and way of thinking of the people in the organization.


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