An Automotive Part Management Methods of Plant Managers in Managing Thai-Oversea Manufacturing Parts: A Case Study of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Organizational structure Instruction Management.


  • Manop Saengchamnong Graduate School of Ecommerce, Burapha University, Thailand
  • Banpot Viroonratch Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University, Thailand


Organization structure, Automotive part, Manufacturing, Management method, Organizational instruction management


This article presents the study result of organization structure instructs to efficient and effective establish in an Automotive Part Management Method for Plant Manager to manage Thai-Oversea Manufacturing plants. The research methodology using Delphi with Triangulation techniques of 19 Plant managers, and experts confirmed the prototype organization structure. The study objective to find the prototype for efficiency and effectiveness of organization structure instructs and application on two or more automotive parts manufacturer plants in Thai and Oversea. Finding the prototype organization structure in automotive part management plants which are more efficient and effective by a mix of 4 theoretical organization structure forms namely Function organizational structure, Production process organization structure, Matrix organizational structure, and Line & Staff Organization Structure. The suggestions and limitations of the prototype organizational structure are specific for manufacturing plants, starting up manufacturing plant, and the operation tasks also take responsibility from the master plant to control during start-up period.


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