Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Water Chestnut Farmer Group in Suphanburi Province


  • Sutathip Lerdwiwatchaiyaporn Faculty of business administration and information technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, Thailand


Water chestnut supply chain, Relationship, In depth interview, Observation of participator behavior


This study focused on the development and community participation to improve farmers' ability and utilization principle. Effective integration of logistics and supply chain management, Supply chain among farmers, products were collected in Wang yang District, Siprachan District, Suphanburi Province. The purpose of this study was to study the relationship of supply chain, middlemen, and supplier. According to the requirements of customers, the factory provided highquality raw materials, timely delivery and safety. Problems and obstacles in the supply chain are noted. This study used qualitative method - in-depth interviews and observation methods to study the correlation of the chain. The supply chain is the raw material supplier, middlemen, and the collection of products delivered to the factory based on demand. SCOR model is the theoretical model of the supply chain operation reference model in order to ensure high-quality raw materials, on-time delivery and safe use. The qualitative data were employed to develop questionnaires in order to determine the form of communication to create awareness about of identity water chestnuts in Suphanburi Province.The 400 samples were obtained by female, 250 representing 62.50%, Male 150 representing 37.50% of age range 21-30 years, 144 people representing 36.00% of the profession, trade, or employed 108 people, representing 27.00% of the graduate. BA 152 people, representing 38% and have been known to communicate frustration. Plants identity of the offense 250 percent from 62.50% a form of communication that creates awareness about frustration. Plants identity of the province as a whole is at the highest level ( = 3.86, SD = 0.75) the findings show the need for the water chestnut to be recognized through internet/social media and is ranked No.1 method to create awareness. The second method to create awareness is through the mascot.


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