Auditing evidence during covid-19

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Doung Koopeateng
Janloy Lekthip
Rinrabhat Pinmee


This article is intended to present the compilation of audit evidence during the COVID-19 outbreak. The study data was gathered from interviews with auditors and related articles.  The results of the study revealed that due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, auditors' auditing practices need to be modified in the method of collecting audit evidence, which is characterized as remote monitoring Access to documentary evidence in the form of electronic data or scanned documents, meetings, teleconferences via video conferencing live inventory counting Using cloud technology to work together. Modifications to the method of collecting audit evidence in the early stages of the outbreak resulted in audit problems such as miscommunication. Delays in Document Delivery performance that is not in accordance with the plan, etc., but the auditor has adjusted the audit plan to be more controlled in the next year to reduce various problems that have occurred and to ensure quality checks.


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Koopeateng, D., Lekthip, J., & Pinmee, R. (2022). Auditing evidence during covid-19. Journal of Rattana Bundit University, 17(1), 60–71. Retrieved from
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