Introduction of a new public management strategy in the administration of the Provincial Electricity Authority Region 3, Northern Region, Lopburi Province

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Patan Suwannamongkol
Kiattiphum Boonnim


The purposes of this research are to 1) examine new public administration strategies and changes as a result of their implementation in the Provincial Electricity Authority Area 3 in Lopburi Province, Thailand's northernmost province, and 2) assess the outcomes of the strategies' implementation. The qualitative method was applied in this study. In-depth interviews with 25 key informants and participant observation were used to gather data. Content analysis was employed to examine the data. The following significant changes were discovered as a result of the strategies: 1) performance indicators, 2) contracts with the private sector or third parties to work with the organization, 3) employee agreements and performance evaluations, and 4) organizational development with information technologies. It was also explored that the tactics increased employee satisfaction in attaining the organization's goals.

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Suwannamongkol, P., & Boonnim, K. (2021). Introduction of a new public management strategy in the administration of the Provincial Electricity Authority Region 3, Northern Region, Lopburi Province. Journal of Rattana Bundit University, 16(1), 65–79. Retrieved from
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