Motivation to be athletes representing Satun province

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ทนงศักดิ์ ลิ่มเนี่ยว
ประภาส มันตะสูตร


The research was about the motivation to be athletes representing Satun Province. The objectives of this research were to study the motivation of being athletes representing Satun Province, and to compare the motivation to be an athlete as representative in Satun Province classified by personal factors and internal management factors within the organization. The population consisted of 113 athletes representing Satun province by using questionnaires as a tool for data collection. Data was analyzed by using a descriptive statistic program for frequency distribution in the form of statistical tables, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and inferential statistics including t-test, F-test (One-Way ANOVA), to test for differences in variables at statistical significance level 0.05. The research results showed that the motivation of being an athlete representing Satun province, in all aspects, were at high level. Most of Athletes’ opinions pointed out that the internal organizational management factors affected the motivation of being athletes was overall at a moderate level in all aspects. The hypothesis test of all athletes in Satun Province found that personal factors and management factors were different, while the motivation level of athletes representing Satun province was not significantly different level at 0.05.

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