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ศุภพล มงคลเจริญพันธ์


The purposes of the research were: 1) to develop the analytical thinking process by using brain based; 2) to compare between the learning achievement by using brain based; 3) to study the students’ satisfaction; and 4) to examine the efficiency of learning management by using brain based in the package building topic of the marketing strategy subject. The research was conducted by testing the learners before and after teaching by using the achievement test where the researcher created all learning management plans with time spent at a total 10 periods. The sample group was the students in the second year diploma level in marketing with a total 92 students. Analyzing data by finding the efficiency of learning management plan with evaluating the efficiency value during study (E1) and after study (E2). The statistics used in this research including mean, standard deviation, and t-test dependent. The results of the research were as follows: 1) the analytical thinking skills of the students after learning management by brain based reached the average and passed the required standards; 2)the learning achievement of students who passed learning management by using brain-based indicated that the average of the post-test scores were higher than the pre-test scores at the level of statistical significance of 0.05; 3) the students are satisfied with the overall learning management at the highest level; and 4) the efficiency of brain-based learning were 81.82/84.26.

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