Study of Community Potentiality in Development into Cultural Attractions: A Case Study of Baanrimklong Homestay Community, Muang District, Samut Songkhram Province


  • Kitiyada Rodeiam -
  • Akekaluk Nuttarit
  • Anurat A nantanatorn


Study, Community Potentiality, Community Development, Attraction, Cultural Attractions


   This study aims to study the community's potential to develop as a cultural tourist attraction. Study the factors affecting the success of community development as a cultural tourism destination. and proposing solutions to problems and suggestions on developing the development potential of the community as a cultural tourism destination. Key informants was community leaders, community members. Service users and tourists Academics and experts and related government agencies, 22 people. The tools used for data collection were interview forms, information from relevant people, observation, site surveys, and brainstorming sessions using the Focus Group process. Methods for analyzing data by categorizing data according to study objectives. Analyze data and apply interpretation principles to write a study report. to discuss the results of the study.

   The results of the local scholarship study found that the community is in Samut Songkhram Province. There are a variety of tourist attractions near Bangkok, There is a tourism infrastructure to meet the needs of service users and tourists. causing service users and tourists to come in regularly. Most of the community members are coconut farmers. Cooperate to form a group to carry out activities in the community. Proportional organizational structure friendly image, easy to approach. Community members lead a simple life. products are processed community members aim to develop the community into a strong community. The community has a green area. Adjacent to a water source there is a fund to develop and restore the environment in the community.


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