Marginalization, Morbidity and Mortality: A Case Study of Myanmar Migrants in Ranong Province, Thailand

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Nucharee Srivirojana
Sureeporn Punpuing
Courtland Robinson
Rosalia Sciortino
Patama Vapattanawong


Marginalizing conditions that migrants face in destination countries or during migratory processes have impacts on migrant morbidity and mortality. This study explores marginalizing conditions contributing to migrant death in Ranong Province, Thailand.  Qualitative in-depth interviews with 60 key informants and non-participant observations of working and living conditions were conducted among Burman ethnic group migrants from Myanmar residing in Ranong Province. 


The results of our study show that migrants face 1) unsafe working conditions, including limited access to proper protective equipment, not being informed of the availability of protective equipment, and a lack of knowledge about hazardous events; 2) limited access to health services, social security and workman’s compensation funds; 3) negative attitudes and xenophobia toward migrants by the local population; and 4) limited access to legal protection. These factors put migrants from Myanmar at risk of marginalization, morbidity and even death.


Recommendations based on these findings include improvement of migrant workplace safety standards; greater accessibility to health services, social security and workman’s compensation funds; better access to legal protection for relatives of deceased migrants; encouragement of corporate social responsibility among employers, including respect for the basic rights of migrants; and recognition of the significance of migrant contributions to the Thai economy. These measures would alleviate the marginalization of migrants and reduce mortality.


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Srivirojana, N., Punpuing, S., Robinson, C., Sciortino, R., & Vapattanawong, P. (2014). Marginalization, Morbidity and Mortality: A Case Study of Myanmar Migrants in Ranong Province, Thailand. Journal of Population and Social Studies [JPSS], 22(1), 33-52. Retrieved from
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Nucharee Srivirojana, Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, Thailand

Corresponding author


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