Enhancing Competitive Advantage for SMEs of Thailand in ASEANs by Adopting Development and Driving Logistics Management

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Piyaporn Rattanopat
Taweesak Theppitak
Tanawadee Modsai


The research’s objectives are to analyze and evaluate competitiveness of Thai SME importers and exporters, compared with competitors in ASEAN countries. Secondly, to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness of using logistics management. The literature review is conducted in area of logistics management, factors influence with logistics adoption and logistics performance measurement system. The study distributes questionnaires 386 samplings and conducts in-depth interview with 95 top management. The questionnaire has confidence level at 0.956. The result reveals that Thai firms have higher service quality than foreign firms. However, they lack of professional services and effective cost management. The found issues are they lack effective transport network and system. Further, they lack understanding of logistics and marketing in ASEAN countries, including lacking of adopting modern technology and supporting from the government. Evaluating competitive advantage of Thai firms reveals that most of them have clear vision and higher quality enhancement, if having support from Thai government and effective supply chain network management. The factors can enhance competitive advantage to Thai firms efficiently and effectively.


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Rattanopat, P., Theppitak, T., & Modsai, T. (2021). Enhancing Competitive Advantage for SMEs of Thailand in ASEANs by Adopting Development and Driving Logistics Management. Journal of Management Science Chiangrai Rajabhat University, 16(1), 44–58. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jmscrru/article/view/209253
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Author Biographies

Piyaporn Rattanopat, Faculty of Science and Arts, Burapha University Chanthaburi Campus

M.Sc. (Transportation and Logistics Management) Burapha University, (2014). Currently a Lecturer of Logistics and Cross- Border Trade Management at Faculty of Science and Arts, Burapha University Chanthaburi Campus

Taweesak Theppitak, Faculty of Logistics, Burapha University.

DBA. (Business Administration) University of South Australia, (2004). Currently an Associate Professor and Deputy Dean for Research and Academic Services at Faculty of Logistics, Burapha University

Tanawadee Modsai, Logistics Center at Faculty of Logistics, Burapha University

2 M.B.A. (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) Mae Fah Luang University, (2013). Currently a researcher of Logistics Center at Faculty of Logistics, Burapha University


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