Guidelines for the Development of Competitiveness for Foreign Backpacker Tourists in Suratthani.

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Kamonvan Laoyang


This study aimed to analyze governmental policies and conditions promoting tourism for backpacking tourists, monitoring tourists’ behaviors and preparing guidelines for the promotion of tourism for backpackers in Suratthani. This study applied theoretical concepts, related documents and analyzed data within the strategic management’s framework. Primary Study was, then, made by in-depth interviewing stakeholders related to backpackers in Suratthani. Descriptive analysis was done through combining data sourced from in-depth interviewing and documents, then, compared with the conceptual and theoretical study and related researches. In questionnaire, applied Delphi Technique by improving questionnaire corresponding to the results from respondents who received the results of data analysis in return to emendate. This could lead to the higher accuracy and reliability of the results. For the behaviors of the backpackers, this study used survey research. Population sampling were used in 400 foreign backpackers in 3 study areas including; Samui Island, Tao island, and Phangan island. The results were collected and reported by descriptive statistics.          

                The results showed that, at present, there was no direct policy for backpackers. The guidelines for this kind of tourists includes; (1) intensively focus on using information and technology to support decision-making, (2) develop sustainable tourism resumes, (3) promote the business and raise the quality of firms to the higher standards including improving the standard of service to the international level, (4) formulate policy implication suggesting Suratthani is the center of water-based tourism, (5) develop a well-hosting knowledge for local communities and (6) promote the participation of government, citizens and public administration organizations in the management of tourism resources.


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Kamonvan Laoyang

M.B.A. (Marketing) Ramkhamhaeng University (2005), Currently Lecturer in Business Administration Program (Agribusiness), Faculty of Management Science, Surat Thani Rajabhat University.


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