Announcement of Publication Fee and Other Fees (as of November 1, 2020)
           Publication fees for reviewing manuscripts for publication in Songklanakarin Journal of Management Sciences (SJMS):
                1.  Fee for submitting a manuscript to SJMS 2,500 Baht (payable when the manuscript is initially accepted by the editorial team and prior to its submission to the reviewers)

                2.  For manuscripts exceeding the 25-page limit set by the editorial team, 200 Baht are charged for each additional page but not more than 30 pages (payable when the editorial team has a final review and submits the published manuscript to the author to confirm publication with SJMS).

                3.  Fee for membership or renewal of membership. 200 Baht per year (2 volumes annually).

                4.  Fee for purchasing a single issue of the SJMS which coasts 180 Baht per copy.

The payment of the publication fee for submitting the manuscript does not guarantee that the submitted manuscript will be published in the journal. The manuscript has to pass the reviewing process by the reviewer and the editorial team. The author will be informed of final result by the editorial team. Importantly, the editorial team will not refund the publication fee to the author whether the article is published or not.

Payment of the Publication Fee
           All fees should be transferred to the bank account as required by the editorial team
                  The bank account no. 565-432243-0
                  The name of the bank account: The Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University
                  Type of the account: saving account Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, Prince of Songkla University Branch

          After the payment, a copy of the receipt should be submitted by online system so that the editorial team can initiate the reviewing process.