SJMS upholds best practices to ensure the quality of the journal. SJMS strictly adheres to the following ethical practices in order to be beneficial to all related parties, including readers, academic circles and society. Therefore, SJMS has specified the publication ethics to publish the manuscripts as follows:

Roles and Duties of Authors
                  1. The manuscript is submitted to be published only in SJMS and has not been submitted for consideration to be published in any other journals or any conferences.
                  2. If the author has quoted other research, or article, he/she has to cite the reference in the text and include it in the reference list.
                  3. The author has to write the academic manuscript correctly and the article should be based on the format specified by the editorial team under the heading Author Guidelines.
                  4. The authorship should be restricted to those who have made a contribution to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the work submitted for consideration for publication. Those who have made such significant contributions should be listed as co-authors.
                  5. The author has to report the facts that have been found in the study or research without bias.
                  6. The authors must provide proper acknowledgements of research funding or inform about any possible conflict of interest.
                  7. The author who submits the article must sign to certify that the article has not been published elsewhere before and is not in the consideration process of any other academic journals or conferences at the same time.
                  8. The author who submitted the article must sign to certify all authors listed in the article have truly participated in the proceedings of the article.

Roles and Duties of Editors
   1. The editor must make the decision on which manuscripts to publish in SJMS based upon their quality and content related to the objectives and the scope of the journal.
                  2. The editor selects the professional reviewers based on their expertise and those reviewers do not have any connections with the author of the article.
                  3. The editor must not disclose any information about the author to the reviewers.
                  4. The editor must strive to ensure that the peer-review process is fair and unbiased.
                  5. The editor must publish the peer-reviewed manuscript after the author has edited the manuscript as suggested by the reviewers.
                  6. The editor must not have any conflict of interest with the reviewers or the author. The manuscript or the journal should not be for the business or should not be the part of the editor’s own work.
                  7. The editor must ensure that an ethical procedure for handling submissions and conducting quality checks followed.
                  8. The editor must follow the procedure of the journal strictly and maintain the standard of the journal. Moreover, he/ she has to improve and update the quality of the journal.

Roles and Duties of Reviewers
  1. The reviewers of SJMS must respect the confidentiality of the manuscripts sent to them.
                 2. The reviewers should review the manuscripts in the field of their expertise. They must evaluate the manuscript in an objective fashion, express their views clearly with supporting arguments, and provide the editor with recommendations and suggestions on how the manuscript can be improved.
                 3. The reviewers should consider the quality of the manuscript without bias and have no conflict of interest.
                 4. If the reviewer has some conflicts of interest regarding the relationship or any connections with the author, he/ she must inform the editorial team immediately.
                 5. The reviewers should provide timely feedback as requested by the editorial team.