Factors Influence the decision of selected Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok.

  • Wittayaphon Thanavisarnkajon Rajapark Institute.
  • Pornpana Srisatanon
  • Winai Kasemwutthichai


The purpose of this research was to study the consumers’ behavior factors, service marketing factors and consumer purchasing decision process was taken access method.  The questionnaire was selected by using a purposive sampling method 400 samples who used to consume Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok. The Statistics were tested by using Structural Equation Modeling: SEM.

The results of the study show that most of samples were female, 25-45 years of age, married, 2 persons in family, employed professionals with a bachelor’s degree and a monthly income 30,001-40,000 bath. They usually have Japanese Restaurant 1-2 times per month. Most of them consume with their family. The analysis results found that factor of consumers’ behavior factor, service marketing factor and consumer can obtain information from many available resources influenced consumer’s purchasing decision of Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok.


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