Thai-Myanmar Friendship and Trust in the 21stCentury


  • Dr. Than Than Win
  • Professor Jasmine Kong-Yan Tang


Thai-Myanmar Friendship, Trust, 21stCentury


As two Buddhist-majority nations sharing a long, common border, Thailand and Myanmar will serve as twin pillars for peace and stability in mainland Southeast Asia in the future. Myanmar–Thailand relations refers to the current and historical relationsbetween Myanmar (also known as Burma) and Thailand. Myanmar has an embassy in Bangkok. Thailand has an embassy in Yangon. Relations between Burma and Thailandfocus mainly on economic integration and trade. For the first time since Myanmar regained its independence, its bilateral ties with Thailand have achieved aunique level of normalcy. As members of ASEAN and several sub-regional organizations, bilateral and collective co-operation in all areas will be further strengthened. With the expansion of cross-border connectivity that links up with regional networks, including the East-West corridor, Myanmar’s economic growth and integration with the region has been accelerate. As Thai-Myanmar relations become more dynamic, they have become mainland Southeast Asia’s most important strategic partners in ASEAN and beyond.