Using of Digital Content and the Promotion of Experience to Inspire in Tourism.

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Nattakamol Toongsuwan


              Tourism industry and the Digital Content industry are one of the potential target and the future industries to drive economic growth. That can be linked together. This article explores the use of digital content as a key element to help drive and promote the tourism industry to be more valuable and more worth. Today, the uses of digital media or technology as a medium of communication is in a variety of forms and ways of creating opportunities to present any information or content. That can be presented in terms of entertainment and information to enhance the user experience to access the content of the story. The purpose is to demonstrate the benefits of using digital content to engage, search, publish, or forward content. That is another advantage of digital communication apart from marketing benefits or sell promotion. To be able to inspire consumers and encourage travel.

Article history : Received 22 July 2018
                              Revised 11 October 2018
                              Accepted 31 October 2018
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Toongsuwan, N. (2019). Using of Digital Content and the Promotion of Experience to Inspire in Tourism. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 5(2), 189–200.
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