Appropriate Waste Management Model of Amnatcharoen Province

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Phunatda Isariyaporn


                This dissertation is a study of the suitable solutions of waste management of the provincial administrative organization of  Amnatcharoen Province. The main objectives are as followed: (1) To study of the waste treatments and waste management in the province; (2) to identify problems and the main obstacles in wasted management ; and, (3) to select the best solutions to resolve the problems for the province along with feedback to be used in further improvement. This study is a qualitative research with in-depth interviews to gain the need for the study with 12 key informants. The conceptual framework, problematic issues, theory and identified objectives are used to determine the questions and to be used in the data collection in the field. Moreover, the in-depth interview method is being used to assist and analyze the content analysis and bring them to a conclusion in a systematic way afterward. According to the theory and method, data analysis was performed as indicated; (1) The exact accuracy of information derived from the collection of data that will correspond to the objectives set out (2) Credibility of data in this research, data will be analyzed as the reliable data because it is derived from the work related to research in particular and (3) Objectivity of the questions in this research, the questions are clear and no bias or preference given to anyone. The information is to be verified by a trusted source to identify the meaning of categorizing, systematizing, synthesizing, and remaining for the purpose of discussing patterns and themes that related to the waste management. The qualified data analysis has revealed the facts specified below.
                The objective of the study were as followed:
                (1) The municipality handle the waste by collecting all the waste and delivering to the landfill. The landfill was constructed with a two-level foundation. One was set with a solid foundation and  the other was in a canal shape. (1.1) Patumtrachawongsa municipality takes  full responsibility in collecting, sourcing and transporting all the waste to the landfill place. (1.2) Tumbon Pana collected all the municipal waste and transferred them to the province. (1.3) TumbonSirisanang was self-management by collecting and transferring the waste to their self-management landfill.
                (2) An approach to a solid waste management solution is a substantially environmental development method which related to high technology with user friendly equipment and environmental protection technology. In addition, the support from the central government and people are crucial. The government policies must be accessible to public, and the support from a private company can help provide funding and better technology. In conclusion, the best solution for Amnadcharoen province is to have a private sector invest, manage and operate the whole waste management project with supporting of the local people. Based on the in depth interview with governmental officers, the informal conclusion to find the solution of waste management is get PPP involved (PPP- Public Private Partnership) to efficiently increase working processes.

Article history : Accepted 5 May 2017
                              SIMILARITY INDEX = 4.79

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Isariyaporn, P. (2018). Appropriate Waste Management Model of Amnatcharoen Province. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 4(2), 52–63.
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