Analysis of Student Loan with interest rates on the back side of the business combination.

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Sophon Mahacharoen


                This article is intended to 1) examine how the reimbursement and the interest rate of the Loan Fund for Education. 2) to compare the pattern of payment methods, including a form of an interest rate of Sec. rank., corresponding to total gross loans to other financial products that combines a business-oriented backwards. The results of the analysis, (1) The calculation of the debt and the interest rate of the loan of their prestige. Use the reimbursement long term not exceeding 15 years with repayment of loans yearly, once a year, no more than 15 times by the idea. Interest rate increase early reduction flowers to the sliding at a rate of 1 percent per year in terms of money owed for each period will charge only the principal payable in installments only at a rate of 12 percent per year if the default is not. Over 1 year and 18 percent next year,if it has defaulted into the second year. (2) The results of the comparative form of payment. And how the interest rate of the SLF. The form of loans and other financial products. The interest charge of their prestige, choose the method of repayment aimed at the benefit of the borrower to pay efficiently by the borrower should choose the installment plan long-term to 15 years under the discipline of saving money. at least for the entire duration of the contract.

Article history : Accepted 10 May 2015
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Mahacharoen, S. (2018). Analysis of Student Loan with interest rates on the back side of the business combination. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 2(1), 127–138.
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