Assessment of information literacy in the workplace of support Personnel in Khonkaen University

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ถนอมศรี สารธิมา
มาลี กาบมาลา


           This study aims to investigate KhonKaen University’s supporting staff’s levels of information literacy skills prevailing in the performing of their tasks. The samples were 226 supporting staff from different faculties in KhonKaen University. Two hundred twenty-six questionnaires were used for data collection by the survey method. One hundred percent of the distributed questionnaires were returned. Frequency, percentile, mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis.

            Based on the overall observation, the supporting staff reported to have had a moderate recognition level of information literacy (48.9%). Affixed to this finding, most of the staff held a specialized position at the operational level who have to exercise their duties based on requirement of their positions. An itemized investigation revealed that a recognition level of the information literacy on skill number 5; The application of information literacy (60.2%), was rated at a good level. The low recognition levels of information literacy were on Skill number 1: Knowing and scoping one’s own information literacy (38.1%) and Skill number 2: Searching effectively for the needed information literacy (39.2%). A moderate level of perception of information literacy was rated on the following skills; Skill 3: Critical analysis of the information (58.0%), Skill 4: Controlling and managing of information literacy (58.9%), Skill 6: Creating of new information literacy and, Skill 7: Revising of information technology process (44.9%)


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