Globalization Disease: On Relations between Diseases, Globalization, Nation-Sate and Controlling in the Coronavirus 2019 Crisis

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Phao Nawakul


This paper presents the interrelated issues between globalization, diseases, nation-sate and controlling, and human rights issues. The work is inspired by the situation of the coronavirus 2019 crisis. This article has three main points: first, how the diseases are related to globalization, nation-state, and controlling the mobility of people? Second point is the history of disease controlling through controlling the mobility of people. The last issue, the disease controlling situation in the Coronavirus 2019 that bring to international cooperation, the competition in the field of vaccines and ultimately leads to human rights issues on racism.

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Nawakul, P. (2022). Globalization Disease: On Relations between Diseases, Globalization, Nation-Sate and Controlling in the Coronavirus 2019 Crisis. Journal of Human Rights and Peace Studies, 8(1), 1–27. Retrieved from
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