Give Space to “Emotions, Feelings, and Deeply Authentic Voices” Once Upon a Time, A Deep Facilitation in Deep South Thailand

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Chanchai Chaisukkosol


Conventional method like academic and rational discussion seminar is not enough to move protracted violent conflict toward transformation, because this kind of conflict is so much tied with intense emotions, feelings, and voices that people keep deeply inside. If there is no space to express and way to work deeply with all these, it would be very difficult for conflict to move forward transformation. As supplementary to the conventional methods, we need new tools that can work deeply inside people. After each conflict party begins to connect to and trust each other bit by bit, the academic discussion panel can find its full potentials. Arnold Mindell created a method of conflict facilitation called “Process Work Psychology” and “Deep Democracy” for working directly with heated and intense emotion and feelings. This field note is a story about the author’s practical experience in applying these new methods, in one workshop in Pattani, to work with the distrust and conflict between Buddhists and Muslims in Deep South Provinces of Thailand.

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Chaisukkosol, C. (2019). Give Space to “Emotions, Feelings, and Deeply Authentic Voices”: Once Upon a Time, A Deep Facilitation in Deep South Thailand. Journal of Human Rights and Peace Studies, 5(2), 262–269. Retrieved from
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