Airport Management Factors Affecting the Passenger Experience at Phuket International Airport

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Weerachai Bunyapattanapong
Paithoon Monpanthong


This study aims to explore airport management factors affecting the passenger experience at Phuket International Airport. Questionnaire set was used as a research tool, Using purposive selection method. In 2019, there were a total of 10,318,181 foreign passengers. 400 samples were collected. Data were analyzed by a stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results showed that all factors had effect on the passenger experience at Phuket International Airport, which were detailed as follows: Accessibility factor, Two of six variables entered the multiple regression equation. Check-in process factor, Two of the six variables were passed into the equation. Baggage handling factors, have One of four variables that pass into the equation. Safety management factor have One of five variables entered to the equation. Passport/ID control factor, Two of the five variables entered to the equation. Mobility factors have One of five variables entered to the equation. And airport facilities factor, Two of the thirteen variables were passed into the multiple regression equation.

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Bunyapattanapong, W., & Monpanthong, P. . (2022). Airport Management Factors Affecting the Passenger Experience at Phuket International Airport. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Thonburi University, 17(1), 147–158. Retrieved from


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