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The purposes of this research were (1) to study level of teacher empowerment by directors of government and private vocational colleges, (2) to compare mean scores of teacher empowerment of directors of government and private vocational colleges, and (3) to find relationship teacher empowerment sub-variables. The samples of this study included of teachers of government (311) and private (351) vocational colleges and the total was 662. Stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used. Teacher empowerment questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaires were permitted for used by Short และ Rinehart (1992) and had reliabilities of 0.92-0.93. The research results revealed as follows. (1) Teachers rated their teacher empowerment by directors of government and private vocational colleges at the high level. (2) Two sub-variables (self-efficiency and impact) of teacher empowerment by directors of government and private vocational colleges were significant differences (p<0.05). Finally, (3) there were significant relationships between teacher empowerment sub-variables (p<0.05).


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