Organizational Commitment of Employees at Vajiralongkorn Hydro Power Plant in Kanchanaburi Province


  • Wirunya Ramangkool School of Management Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University


Organizational commitment, hydro power plant, Vajiralongkorn Dam


The purposes of this study were to 1) investigate the level of organizational commitment of Vajiralongkorn hydro power plant in Kanchanaburi Province, 2) compare the organizational commitment of personnel classified by personal factors, 3) compare organizational commitment of personnel classified by nature of work, 4)study problems and solutions for organizational commitment.

This research was a mixed methods research. The population was all employees in the Vajiralongkorn hydro power plant, Kanchanaburi Province. A structured questionnaire was used as a research tool for data collection. Data collected were analyzed by descriptive statistics, including frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation as well as inferential statistics, including T-test and F-test. When a statistically significant difference was found, Scheffe's method was used. Qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis.

The results of this study indicated that 1) overall organizational commitment of the employees was at a very high level. 2) The personnel with different gender, educational level, marital status, and years of work experience had indifferent organizational commitment. However, the personnel with different age, monthly income, and job position had different organizational commitment. 3) The personnel with different work progress and the relationship with supervisor had indifferent organizational commitment. However, the personnel with different work security and the relationship with co-workers had different organizational commitment. 4) The problems affecting organizational commitment included mismatch of tasks assigned by supervisor for personnel knowledge and experience; lack of training and promotion for work progress; and discrimination among co-workers. The guidelines for solving the problems included the training should be promoted to develop work progress. Tasks should be assigned under the consideration of related work field and expertise of personnel. Organizational commitment strengthening activities should be organized annually


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