Publication Ethics Policy

Publication Ethics Policy "Journal of Research and Curriculum Development"

 Duties of Authors

  1. The authors must certify that the submitted work is new and has never been published anywhere before.
  2. The authors must report facts derived from the research and do not distort data or provide false data.
  3. The authors must cite others’ work when using it in their research articles.
  4. The authors must write research articles according to the format specified in “Guidelines for Authors”.
  5. The authors whose names appear in the articles must be participants in conducting the research.
  6. The authors must identify funding sources that support the research according to the published article.
  7. The authors must identify conflicts of interest (if any).

 Duties of Editors

  1. The editors are responsible for the quality of the articles for publication.
  2. The editors must not disclose data of the authors and the reviewers to unrelated persons.
  3. The editors must decide and select the articles for publication after evaluation process, considering the importance, recentness, clarity and consistency of the content with the journal’s policies.
  4. The editors must not publish the articles which have been previously published elsewhere.
  5. The editors must not reject the article publication because of doubt or uncertainty.
  6. The editors must not have conflicts of interest with the authors, the reviewers and the management team.
  7. The editors must strictly detect plagiarism in the articles.
  8. When plagiarism is detected during the article evaluation process, the editors must stop the process and contact the corresponding authors to request clarifications for “acceptance” or “rejection” of the articles.

  Duties of Reviewers

  1. The reviewers must maintain confidentiality and do not disclose some parts, or all of the articles submitted for consideration to unrelated persons during the article evaluation process (confidentiality).
  2. After receiving the articles from the editors and realizing that they might have conflicts of interest with the authors, the reviewers must notify the editors and reject the article evaluation.
  3. The reviewers shall evaluate the articles in their area of ​​expertise by considering the importance of article content on that field of study, the quality of the analysis and the intensity of the work.
  4. The reviewers must notify the editors if any parts of the articles are found to be similar or duplicate others’ work.