Attitudes toward Action Learning of Graduate Diploma Students in Teaching Professional at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

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อรพิณ พัฒนผล
Jittirat Saenglertautai
ชัยยุธ มณีรัตน์
จารุวรรณ นครจารุพงศ์
Napadech Booncherd


The purposes of this research were; 1) to study attitudes toward action learning of students; 2) to compare attitudes toward action learning of students according to gender; 3) to study guidelines for support students’ action learning. The samples consist of 120 students who study in Postgraduate Certification in Education Programme at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University who admitted to study in academic year 2019 by using stratified random sampling, and 10 samples of diploma course lecturer, diploma course committee, school administrator, curriculum and instruction academician and graduate diploma students by using purposive sampling. The research instruments are the attitudes test and interview form. Statistics of frequency percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test were used for analyzing the data.

            The research findings were as follows: 1) Students had a positive attitude towards action learning overall at a good level. 2) Male and female students’ attitudes towards action learning were not significantly different at the .01 level. 3) Guidelines for supporting students’ action learning were to enhance a positive attitude towards action learning from the first time students attend the class, to give a clear example reflecting how action learning could be applied in a real situation, to hold a meeting for students and lecturers to make an action plan together, to set up a forum for knowledge sharing,  to provide a system of supervision, monitoring, evaluation, and consultation for students, and to encourage students to visualize the lesson learned together.


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พัฒนผลอ., Saenglertautai , J., มณีรัตน์ช., นครจารุพงศ์จ., & Booncherd, N. (2021). Attitudes toward Action Learning of Graduate Diploma Students in Teaching Professional at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University. Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University Research Journal (Humanities and Social Science), 9(1), 144-156. Retrieved from
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