Institutional Research: A Tool for Improving Organizational Efficiency

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จำเนียร จวงตระกูล
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วิรุฬห์ ถูกจิตต์
รุจน์ อัจฉริยาภรณ์


This paper aims to discuss: (1) The concept of institutional research; (2) Conducting and application of institutional research; (3) Publicity of institutional research; (4) Institutional research and organizational efficiency; (5) Problems and obstacles in conducting institutional research; and (6) Recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of institutional research in Thailand. Based on this study it was found that: (1) Institutional research is the research conducted in higher education institutions by staff of the institutions, especially the academic supporting staff. The scope of institutional research includes the study of curriculum, students, staff, facilities and finance. It is used as the data base for management decision making and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the higher education institutions. (2) Most universities conduct institutional research and utilize it for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of the university. It is considered a part of the functions of a research institute or center in most universities. In some universities an institutional research unit is established as the responsible organization for institutional research. Many universities establish policy, guidelines, rules, regulations and procedures relating to the management and administration of institutional research. A budget is also allocated for institutional research in many universities. In addition, an Institutional Research and Higher Education Development Association was established to promote the conduct and application of the institutional research in Thailand. (3) The publicity of the results of the institutional research is conducted in three major ways: publicizing via the website of the university, publishing research articles in a specific institutional research journal or in other journals, both at national and international levels, and presenting research papers in the institution’s research academic conferences or in other academic conferences. (4) Most of institutional research projects conducted by Thai universities concentrate on students: (5) The major problems and obstacles in conducting and application of institutional research include: lack of knowledge and skills in research of the staff, especially those academic support staff of the university; budget availability is insufficient to support the institutional research projects, sources for publicizing institutional research is quite limited, both in terms of publishing in academic journals and academic conferences. (6) It is recommended that: various training and development programs should be developed to promote research knowledge and skills of the academic support staff of universities to help them to produce more institutional research, a sufficient budget should be allocated by universities to support and encourage their university staff to produce more institutional research, more institutional research journals should be established to provide a higher profile publicity platform for institutional research, the Institutional Research and Higher Education Development Association should play a more active role in promoting the conduct and application of institutional research (e.g., an institutional research journal should be established and operated by the Association, more training courses and academic conferences should be organized by the Association). More opportunities and support, including financial support, should be provided to university staff to enable them to participate in academic conferences and publication of papers in academic journals, both at the national level in Thailand and at the international level.


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