Immigration and Settlement of Transnational Marriage between Chinese men and Thai women in Post Modern Society: The Case Study of Phuket Province

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Pheempimol Chatsuwannakit
Pim de Jong
Kittinan Krueaphat


“Immigration and settlement of transnational marriage between Chinese men and Thai women in Phuket:  The Case Study of Ethnic Issue in Post Modern society” had the objective to study transformation of life of Chinese men who got marriage to Thai women, and analyzed the life problems and adjustment of those Chinese men who got marriage to Thai women. The in-depth interviews and participant observation of the qualitative research methods were used in this study. The result of the study discovered that Chinese men had high educational degree to work in Thailand who were the qualified workforce supporting Thai economy. Chinese men adjusted their way of life to live in Thai society. However, Chinese men preserved their tradition and culture and were inherited by their children by bilateral types of socialization.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)