Factors Associated with Conducting Academic Research for Master’s Students in Myanmar


  • May Thet Htun


Academic research, Master’s Level, Myanmar, Student difficulties


According to Clifford (1986), research comprises defining and redefining problem,
formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, collecting data, organizing and evaluating
data, making deductions and reaching conclusions and at last carefully testing the conclusion
to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. Research is an academic activity.
It enables people to find answer to various questions raised by them. It helps to solve
problem confronted by individuals in their day to day life. This research aims to make
the first step towards a valuable discussion about the unique situation of Master’s degree
programs of different university types, and explore the quality, feasibility and general
philosophy which surrounds research at the Master’s level. A questionnaire was conducted
among Master’s students of the selected Universities of Myanmar to be able to extract
conclusions about the research situation in Myanmar. Text comments and multiple-choice
questions were used to ask the research opinions of the students and tend to find out the
difficulties they face in conducting research. The data analysis displays some significant
problems in conducting Master’s research, and also points out the current academic
requirements of Myanmar Universities in research sectors. According to the results, the
major problems of the Myanmar researchers encountered with are inadequate funding and
lack of effective research training to have adequate number of opportunities for findings
to conduct effective research projects under the organizational challenges.